Variac Fan Speed Controllers

Using a Variac is the only way to rid yourself of buzzing when attempting to adjust the speed of an extraction fan.

A Variac Fan Speed Controller

Variac Fan Speed Controller

WOW! they’re ugly, but they sure are awesome.  Run your fan in complete silence with a Variac Fan Speed Controller

Makers of fan speed controller devices such as the SMSCOM etc will all be first to tell you that there is no buzzing when using one of their products but it simply isn’t true. You will experience either a buzz or a high pitched whine when using them.

Furthermore, using this kind of resistance device to reduce the speed of your fan puts much strain on your fan and can reduce it’s life expectancy considerably.

The correct way to control the speed of your fan is by using a variable auto-transformer which is more commonly known by it’s brand name, the Variac.

When you first hook up your Variac you will be blown away. Complete silence until you turn it up full blast and just here a rush of air.  They are quite simply amazing.

Variac fan speed controllers do not come cheap when purchased as a complete unit. The most economical way of making a fan speed controller is to buy a bare bones Variac and wire it yourself.  It’s not difficult to wire, and it comes with full instructions. You just want to mount it in some

They look sort of old fashioned, they are big and heavy.  Variac’s come in different sizes made for different voltage and current settings. For most fans, a 1A model will work rated at 240V for the UK.

Buy a New Variac Online here

Buy New and Used Variacs Here

Want to buy a ready wired enclosed Variac fan speed controller ready to simply plug into? I will make you one.  Just drop me a line if interested.

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